Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Get rid of from unwanted results in search results. gain more authority on search engine.
Each customer is unique and each day has its own opportunities. A business must prepare for periodic bad reviews, but what will you do when these reviews begin to hurt your sales? When this occurs, it is an indicator that you need to think about managing your online reputation so your customers can know what you do well. Here at Pixere, we have helped several brands to get their deserving online reputation.

Censoring Negative Reviews

Internet reviews play a key role in creating a positive brand reputation. Pixere can help your business manage negative reviews which could cost your business sales.

Take Down Incorrect Information

Detail errors and incorrect information can cost a company in sales. We can help you ensure that internet information on your business is correct.

Online Feedback

Consumer feedback connects your business with a target audience. High quality feedback allows your business to make the improvements necessary to increase sales.

Content Generation

Let Pixere guide you in creating content to share your products and services with more people so they can get to know more about you.

Blog Postings

Do you have a great team who service your customers? Do your customers have good things to say about your products? Are you getting ready to remodel or expand your storefront? Let Pixere help you share the news in a company blog.

Social Media

Stay connected. Use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube social media to let people know more about you, your brand, and your products.

Social Sharing

Using social media, Pixere can help your business share important news and information and drive traffic to your site.

Improved Search Appearance

Your public appearance can be improved by creating web profiles for your clients, customers and business partners. This will keep negative reviews off search result pages.

Web Presence

Pixere can help maintain web profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We can help your business prevent negative quotations from appearing on news feeds.

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