Best Practices in Website Design: Make a Plan

Successful web design is no easy feat. Any small business owner knows it’s challenging enough to organize, launch, and sustain a business. Marketing that business takes an entirely different set of skills. Web marketing adds even more layers of complexity. At Pixere we work hard to simplify the process for our customers. We streamline, start …

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To Blog or Not to Blog?

The word blog is derived from the phrase web log. A blog is information posted on the web about a particular overarching subject. Blog posts are individual ideas about that primary subject. Any given blog will most likely have numerous blog posts associated with it. The trouble with blogs is their overabundance—they’ve gotten a bit …

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How to Make the Most of Customer Testimonials

A customer testimonial is a review of your business; its services, products, and team. Customer testimonials come from a more grass roots word-of-mouth marketing perspective. It’s the voice of one customer talking to a potentially new customer without corporate interference. Customer reviews have gained popularity because they are honest, consumer-based portrayals of goods and services. …

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Seamless E-Commerce Solutions

Quality e-commerce solutions and integration—that’s what we do. In case you don’t know, the term e-commerce stands for electronic commerce. Simply put e-commerce is online shopping. Part of our job is to ensure that the e-commerce portion of your website fully integrates with the rest of your site—your products and services, mission statement, company history …

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The Benefits of Website Multimedia Integration

Website multimedia integration provides another opportunity to engage website visitors and keep them coming back. Well-written content certainly helps, but static text cannot by its very nature appeal to the eye as multimedia solutions do. We’re talking about promoting your brand, products, and services with exciting sounds and images: – Flash presentations – Animation – …

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Is Your Site Mobile Ready?

Well, is it? And, are you certain? Mobile readiness is an integral part of any successful small business website and online marketing campaign. Without it, your business may as well not even exist. No, really—it may as well not even exist! The old adage used to be that businesses didn’t exist without a website, now …

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Why Blogging & Social Media Are Essential to the Success of Your Business

Social media websites and blog posts leverage businesses. They provide opportunity—ultimately opportunity that leads to increased business. Yes, it can be effective to place blog posts on your company’s website. It keeps your content fresh and relevant while maintaining, if not improving, search engine visibility. Imagine though, how much more effective that same blog post …

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7 Reasons to Build a Landing Website

Yes, seven reasons! We’re sure there are more, but we’ll begin with lucky number seven. First thing is first—what is a landing website? Good question. At Pixere we create e-commerce websites and fully-integrated landing, or main page, websites. Broken down e-commerce simply means electronic commerce. The e-commerce portion of your overall website is a storefront. …

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